Coping with COVID-19 from our health experts (prototype content blog)

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Our experts are hosting live webinars to share information for protecting and improving your health during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We know that dealing with the uncertainties and unfamiliar new routines in our daily lives can be difficult. 

Now is a great time to practice self care and use any extra hours in your day to focus on your wellbeing.  

Select the health topics that you want to hear more about and put them on your calendar on Wednesdays.

Upcoming Sessions

Recorded Sessions

Working from Home (Ergonomics)

Our chiropractors give advice on how to set up your pain-free work station (i.e., not the couch), learn some posture hacks, get your recommended daily stretch breaks and take care of your musculoskeletal system—for you to feel your best as we make the best of our current situation. with Brad Metzler, DC and Mason Orme, … Continue reading Working from Home (Ergonomics)

Meditation Nation

Connecting our mind and body in a disconnected time can help to create calmness for anxiety and depression—even binge eating and life transitions. Learn from our psychologist on the practice of meditation and mindfulness and its various roles for great health benefits. with Camilla Lee RD, CDN, NBC-HWC and with Diane Browne, PsyD, LMFTPsychologist at Crossover … Continue reading Meditation Nation

Healthy, Fit and Sound at Home

While we are social distancing and limiting face-to-face contact, our Health Coaches have put together a session on how to maintain or incorporate physical fitness, establish balance at home, and making healthy food choices during this challenging time. with Camilla Lee RD, CDN, NBC-HWC and Maxine Yeung, MS RD NBC-HWCHealth Coaches at Crossover Health

Dealing with Grief in COVID-19: Loss, Resiliency and Hope

This webinar will guide you through the different types of grief we are collectively experiencing during this pandemic. We discuss the loss of safety, lifestyles, milestones (like graduations), and sadly, human lives. We identify healthy coping responses and resources as well as community support. Despite these times of uncertainty, we emphasize the strength of resilience … Continue reading Dealing with Grief in COVID-19: Loss, Resiliency and Hope

Dealing with Digital Eye Strain

With increased hours working and social distancing at home, there is a high probability of added stress on your eyes. Eye strain from heavy electronic device use can cause headaches, fatigue, dry eyes and other symptoms. Join our optometrists to learn ways to reduce eye strain and prevent other effects while keeping a focus on … Continue reading Dealing with Digital Eye Strain

Coping with COVID-19

Dealing with the new realities of our world can be overwhelming and stressful for you and your loved ones. See how to maintain an appropriate balance and optimistic perspective while staying informed and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.  with Michael Boroff, PsyD, PhysiologistBehavioral Health Program ManagerCrossover Health

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