COVID-19 care for Crossover Members (prototype)

Is this an emergency?

If you’re suffering from a life threatening condition, stop and call 911.

Get care if you have signs of COVID-19

Find out what to do if you have signs of COVID-19.

Learn what to do about COVID-19

Get tested

Crossover Health members can be tested for COVID-19. Start by making an appointment with your care team.

Learn how to get tested for COVID-19.

Get ready to go back to work

Take our screener and find out what you need to do to go back to work.

Find out how to get back to work safely.

Care for Crossover members

Getting non-COVID-19 care

We’re open for care that isn’t for COVID-19, too.

This includes long term or chronic conditions like diabetes, or asthma, or new conditions like a rash or anxiety.

Learn more about what care we’re providing.

Coping and staying safe with COVID-19

Advice from our health professionals

Crossover members can talk to our behavioral health specialists for help with anxiety, stress and more.

Stay home, save lives

Learn how to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.