COVID-19 MEMBER RESOURCE CENTER We are here to help Crossover members with any COVID-19 questions or health concerns.


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COVID-19 MEMBER RESOURCE CENTER We are here to help Crossover members with any COVID-19 questions or health concerns.
We’re here to help Crossover members and their dependents with COVID-19 questions and health concerns.
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If you think you or someone you care for is having a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. Do not attempt to access emergency care through this website.

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COVID-19 Vaccine update

Stephen Ezeji-Okoye
Chief Medical Officer
March 15, 2021

To our members:

We recognize that pandemic fatigue may be high, but it’s more important than ever that our communities remain vigilant in keeping themselves and others safe from the virus while we wait for vaccines to be more widely available. We encourage you to keep up with social distancing protocols even after vaccination and to continue to prioritize your physical and mental health. Please know that our care teams are ready to help with all of your health needs and coordination of care, both online and face-to-face. 

Good news on the vaccine front… Johnson & Johnson announced it obtained “Emergency Use Authorization” for its single dose COVID-19 vaccine. The company has already started shipping vaccines with the intention of shipping at least 20 million doses by the end of March. This increase in vaccine supply will enable more people to get the vaccine in the coming weeks and we recommend that you get vaccinated as soon as you are able based on your local and state agencies’ guidelines. 

Rest assured that you are top of mind here at Crossover—now more than ever—and as we get updates on the vaccine, we will continue to share vital information as quickly and clearly as possible.

For our members with Health Center access:

We have been approved to receive doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at several of our health centers. We are now waiting on the individual states to allocate their vaccine supply so that these approved health centers can place their orders. Last week, our health center in Idaho was the first health center to begin immunizing members. We anticipate more of our health centers will be able to administer the vaccine as the vaccine supply increases in the coming weeks, although we are uncertain about which locations or the exact timing.

As a company, we are taking multiple steps to prepare, including the creation of Priority Patient Lists. These lists segment members based on state and local agencies guidelines such as those who are either 65+ years of age or who have qualifying chronic conditions. Each list is being shared with the Crossover health centers that are approved to receive vaccine allocations so that they can begin planning for prioritized member outreach ahead of vaccines arriving. We have safeguard communications in place as well to note anyone on the Priority Patient List who has received their vaccine elsewhere to ensure each dose we receive is used effectively and in a timely manner.


  • We are closely watching the progress of distribution by state and we’ve created a process by which we can track vaccine delivery timing. It is updated in real-time by each health center as they receive communications from local agencies. This allows us to stay on top of timely outreach to members and center staff.
  • We are executing a plan to automate mandated reporting in every state where we will be administering the vaccine. We’re working closely with each state Department of Health and have made great progress in Idaho, New York, Arizona, and Washington. 
  • In California, the governor signed an order appointing Blue Shield the administrator of the state’s vaccine supply. In order to be approved to provide vaccinations, a vaccinating site must open all vaccine appointments to any resident of California and accept all insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. As Crossover does not  bill insurance, it seems that at the current time Crossover will not be able to offer COVID-19 immunizations in California. We are continuing to work to determine if there are alternate possibilities to do so, however for the current time we will not be able to register with the Blue Shield program. To see available vaccination appointments within the state, visit the MyTurn website.

Stay healthy, stay informed. If you have questions about COVID-19 vaccines or any health topic, please connect with your care team.  We are ready to help.

Do you want to learn more or have questions for the care team? Let’s talk.