Thank you for helping us manage care for those who urgently need it. Please review the below information to guide you on how best to access care. The scheduling page can be found in your employer’s health benefit information.


Your first step in accessing care is to MESSAGE or CALL your health center to be guided on how best to access care. Our health centers are requesting patients make a “virtual” appointment, unless otherwise arranged by your provider to be seen in-person. Non-essential or elective appointments will be postponed to preserve our staff and supplies for critical care needs.


In following CDC guidelines, we have created advanced screening procedures via a free 15-minute phone call which is available on all schedules at all health center locations and is prerequisite to requesting a COVID-19 test.


If you’re concerned you have COVID-19 and have symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, guidance is to self-isolate and practice good hygiene. If you feel your symptoms are severe and/or have concerns about your risk for complications, please schedule a 15-minute phone screen or a virtual visit so we can evaluate further and determine the most appropriate next steps.

If you’re having a medical emergency or behavioral health crisis call 9-1-1.


Schedules have been updated to reflect our “virtual-first” response level. Phone, video, and private messaging inside the portal are all ways to receive care. Nearly all of our health services can be offered via HIPAA-compliant video capabilities. This will enable essential primary care, nursing, physical therapy, chiropractic, limited acupuncture consults, behavioral health, and health coaching visits to occur. Our virtual teams will be organized and coordinated with full access to all patient records.

Appointment Types and Fees:
• 15-Minute Phone Consultation—NO COST for this pre-testing / pre-appointment screening
• COVID-19 Test and Visit (where available)—NO COST for the COVID-19 test
• Lab Processing fees related to COVID-19 (where applicable)—NO COST to process your COVID-19 lab specimen
• Virtual visit—STANDARD IN-PERSON VISIT FEES (where applicable)


To reduce our patients’ risk to COVID-19 exposure, Crossover will be suspending the Lyft rideshare program effective March 23. This is consistent with Public Health recommendations and recent Shelter in Place mandates regarding social distancing and in coordination with Crossover’s expansion of virtual care. If travel to a health center or COVID-19 testing center is absolutely necessary, you should consider options that minimize contact with others in the community. Public transportation should be used as a last option and patient members should take efforts to protect themselves and others from infection such as maintaining a six-foot distance from others, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding touching their face, eyes, nose, or mouth.


We’ll continue to update this page with new information as we get it.