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After Having COVID—Overcoming Shortness of Breath

Melissa Stewart, DPT
Physical Therapist
September 10, 2021

“Long-haulers” is a new term in healthcare for people who are finding it hard to recover from COVID symptoms weeks or months after contracting it. Shortness of breath is common, even with little exertion. Melissa explains how to get your lungs working comfortably again.

Managing Return-to-School Anxieties during COVID-19

Asha Thomas, LMFT
Mental Health Therapist
September 1, 2021

As some COVID-19 restrictions lift, and communities cautiously return to a more familiar day-to-day existence, children and families are returning to physical classrooms. Asha explains how the back-to-school transition can be exciting for some children and daunting for others.

Is Working from my Coffee Table Causing my Back Pain?

Damon Farrington, DC
August 27, 2021

With effort, most people can strengthen their muscles, make their cardiovascular system more efficient, etc. The same thing is true with slouching. Damon, a Crossover Chiropractor, helps us to think about how we stand and sit.

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